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“Electrical installations always in style!”

Our expertise in porcelain is not limited to basic electrical installations, but is equally evident in our lighting products: Suspended or fixed ceiling lamps, droplights, wall lights, bedside lamps.
The same fine-quality raw material,Porcelain, can be used for the lighting elements, in harmony with the vintage style of the wiring system, ensuring a perfectly coordinated effect that illuminates the whole room or building.

  • classics_48_Sospensione-WI

  • classics_51_Saliscendi

  • classics_52_Abatjour-inox

  • classics_53_Abatjour-mimosa

  • classics_54_Applique-FUS

  • classics_56_Applique-braccio-porcellana

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Collection GI-Loft

Simple but refined the design of our brand new lighting collection GI-Loft.

Perfectly matching with the current trend of industrial vintage and modern furnishing, this collection is much more than simply “lighting”. GI-Loft is a real lifestyle, permitting to customize all lamps thanks to the infinite possibilities of combination.

Our silk covered wire is not the only important material used for this collection, but plays a leading role in GI-Loft. Whether it be simple wire, combined with tubes or brass sticks with particular and carefully selected finishes, all represent an attraction for the market. A special attention is given to our lamp FLEX, a real innovation for minimal style, as it permits to shape the design as you like.

Express yourself thanks to GI-Loft by GI Gambarelli.

  • loft_My-Wire-XL

  • loft_My-Wire-cavo-Verde

  • loft_My-Tube_1

  • loft_My-Stick-‘n’-Wire

  • loft_My-Multiple-XL-mix

  • loft_My-Multiple-nera-10

  • loft_My-Multiple_Nodo_1

  • loft_My-Multiple_Nodo

  • loft_My-Flex

  • loft_img_318

  • loft_img_331

  • loft_img_295

  • loft_banner-nella-sezione-LOft

  • loft_10332

  • loft_10203

  • loft_10126

  • loft_10112

  • loft_45_My-Essential

  • loft_42_Cilindro-metallo

  • loft_15_Arreda-Early-Brass

  • loft_25_My-Multiple-XL-mix

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