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…Past, Present, Future

of Italian style…


GI Gambarelli was founded in 1992. It is our love of beauty and passion for elegance that fuels our on-going desire to bring a unique touch of genuine class to the world around us…. “Our home is our castle; it has a fundamental role to play in our lives”: this sums up the concept that drove Ilario Gambarelli, the founder of GI Gambarelli S.r.l., to turn the domestic electrical system into a proper furnishing element.


Painstaking research into the tiniest of Italian design details, together with outstanding product quality and a sound team of trained individuals, has taken the company right to the top of the market in its sector. Today, as ever, GI Gambarelli is synonymous with leading-edge products, reaping success both in Italy and abroad, where we are able to boast an impressive customer portfolio; the company consistently pursues and heightens its efforts to shape porcelain, a material that retains its age-old allure, while keeping a close eye on the continual evolution of tastes and styles.


“Leading-edge” is thus a concept that guides our technical team daily in their efforts to devise new, superior-quality, ITALIAN CRAFTED products, able to respond to the needs of the modern market while remaining exclusive, elegant and beautifully stylish. GI Gambarelli produces a range of products able to respond to the needs of any electrical system, whether it be external or concealed, from any period: vintage, classic or modern, because GI Gambarelli is for…past…present…future…
“From the shell you can guess the mollusk, from the house the inhabitant.”
Victor Hugo, Les Burgraves, 1843