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Portfolio Category: exteriors

Collection Fusion

Porcelain and brass fuse into art…

The installation of GI Gambarelli with a new form in order to give an even superior touch of class to public locations, but not only. Thanks to the small dimensions, FUSION is a good alternative also for private houses, making them look even more rustic and authentic .

  • fusion_08_Fusion_1

  • fusion_54_Applique-FUS

  • fusion_aaa

  • (19) White Italy switch


  • (5) Fusion switch

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Collection Atlantis

Gi Gambarelli has the all solutions for all situations…

Our collection ATLANTIS realized for the installation with round cable or with twisted wire and transparent wire protection. ATLANTIS is an alternative of installation proposed by GI Gambarelli in order to give to our clients the maximum selection referring to the esthetical aspect.

Our VDE certificated collection is suitable for all situations and is able to guarantee an additional security, for example using our new round halogen free wire or through a transparent tube which protects the wire from vandalism.

This could be particularly important in restaurants, bars or other public places.

La nostra collezione certificata VDE si presta a tutte le situazioni ed è in grado di fornire una sicurezza aggiuntiva, come ad esempio il cavo tondo halogenfree o una maggior protezione attraverso un tubo trasparente che protegge il cavo da atti vandalici, ad esempio aspetto importante in ambiente pubblici.

  • Atlantis Inox

  • Ambiente Atlantis moderno

  • Atlantis1

  • Atlantis Inox_1

  • Ambiente Atlantis classico

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Collection White Italy

White Italy, the first historical collection by Gi Gambarelli.

White Italy, is a refined vintage collection of switches and sockets made of exclusively fine-quality raw materials.
The main feature of this collection is the use of authentic and handmade porcelain.

Traditional production made using the casting method, where each peace is worked by human hand, is a guarantee for the best quality obtainable with porcelain and the reason for it’s brightness and uniqueness.

Usually the White Italy collection is installed with our external silk twisted wires, characterized by functionality, beauty and many different colours, representing a perfect solution for renovation or simply for chic vintage dwellings.

External wiring is not always merely a question of taste: in some circumstances the use of our products is dictated by architectural requirements, i.e. the need for the wall the system is to be installed on to be kept intact.
Although our external items are used mainly in projects for renovating period dwellings, castles, country and private homes, for example in case of walls made of stone, brick or wood.
In these cases, external wiring is a necessity and can in fact offer the opportunity to bring a genuine, unique touch to the place.

  • camera da letto

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  • DSC_0414

  • White Italy bronzo_1

  • sogg-studio

  • whiteitaly_F

  • White Italy bronzo

  • White Italy rosso_1

  • whiteitaly_switch

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